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Their methodology is amazing and worked wonders.  My daughter couldn’t answer a single question on the first test and by the end has scored 100% and could answer them all.  I would recommend this to anyone interested in giving their kids a head start on math or for anyone with children struggling.  Money, well spent! 

Courtney Nielsen

(Scarlet's Mom)

It is fun for him, and you can see results.  It’s amazing!  And it opened up a whole new way for him to memorize other things! Recommended for all parents!!!

Joe Chui

(Ryan's Dad)

Now, I am very much excited for my daughter because she said, Now Mom, I LOVE MATH!"

June Aohrea Flores

(Jenny's Mom)

My 10 year old daughter is a very visual learner and she picked this method up extremely easily. She enjoyed herself as well, and really enjoyed being successful! As she has dyslexia and dyscalculia this was a real confidence booster for her. Just yesterday she had trouble telling the time on an analog clock and I told her to multiply 7 by 5 minutes (she was trying to count it up) and with only a split second later she told me it was 35… When she realized how quickly she can get the correct answer the smile on her face was absolutely priceless!

Melanie Arabsky Ledger

(Mila's Mom)

The Times Table Memorized, Guaranteed

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If you're dissatisfied in any way, we'll simply refund your money!

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